About Us

Our Values

Our Values are rooted in the following principles:

It is the uncompromising commitment of the Datrik team to the research and development of high quality, innovative data solutions and data mining technology that distinguishes Datrik within the market place.

Quality Assurance
Datrik rigorously scrutinizes our own data as well as third party data, ensuring that all processes adhere to Datrik’s exacting standards and that our brand promise is delivered with consistency.

Providing Value
We build our business and brand equity by providing exceptional value and superior deliverability to successful marketers—whatever their size.

On Time / On Target
The Datrik Team is dedicated to delivering the appropriate products and services to customers on time, within budget, and managed to achieve the client’s desired goals.

Profitability and Growth
Datrik focuses first on the mutual success and profitability of our clients’ and our company’s marketing initiatives, which provides the foundation for mutually beneficial long-term growth.

100% Customer Satisfaction
With every service and product we deliver, the goal of the Datrik team is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time.