List Hygiene

The Key to More Sales, the Freshest, Cleanest Leads and Superior Deliverability

It’s very simple:

Superior List Hygiene means Superior Deliverability. Whether you own the list, you rent a list, or we help you acquire a list from another source… SIR’s List Hygiene process will reduce mailing costs, increase deliverability—and maximize results.

Because over 20% of Americans move annually, regular List Hygiene is critical to success. SIR can help you find and correct both physical and email addresses, coordinating the latest national, regional and local databases.

Many people don’t wish to be contacted at all. So we match the leads on every list to the DO NOT CALL databases from the Direct Marketing Association and the U.S. Government.

Some people should never be contacted in the first place, which wastes your valuable time and money. We coordinate and scrub your lists according to specific criteria, to remove deceased individuals, persons in prisons, people who have filed for Bankruptcy, those who have tax liens and much more.

Merge / Purge

SIR’s proprietary Merge / Purge process combines the most current sources of records with multiple levels of state-of-the-art software and careful attention to detail by experienced professionals.

When SIR manages your Merge / Purge, we do much more than combine marketing lists into a single merged and de-duped database. Our multi-level process analyzes every record to determine optimum standardization formats and re-configures the data. Then we verify every part of the data in each file according to customized multiple criteria.

The results? Superior deliverability that generates more customers, more sales and more profitable growth for your business.

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